Aussie MP Craig Kelly Kills It. “This is a Pandemic of the Fully Vaccinated”. Banning of Novak Djokovic is a Hypocritical Side Show

Watch the Craig Kelly video. He uses UK data to obliterate any claim that the unvaccinated are a health risk. Its the vaccinated that are putting other vaccinated at risk.

Its the politicians and health “experts” that are IGNORING the science. The facts.

This is a great presentation. Kelly nails it!

Per Kelly, the political class has invested everything in The Jab as the savior. They cannot acknowledge the truth, that The Jab will leave you worse off than being unvaccinated.

I’ll add, that, once this fact becomes fully vetted, there are a great many people who will face legal jeopardy. This is why the charade must continue. And the effort to get everyone vaccinated is essential. Because they cannot afford to have a control group to compare the health of vaccinated vs unvaccinated.