Sotomayor is Too Stupid to Gaslight

Supreme Court justice Sotomayor in an oral argument stated there are “100,000 children in serious condition with Covid.” A statement easily fact checked. According to CDC, there are only 116k people of all ages hospitalized with Covid (in the US). Currently there are an estimated 3,342 children with Covid, according to HHS.

This assertion is so flagrantly untrue and so easily fact checked that you need to question her senility. Sotomayor also stated that Omicron was as dangerous as Delta, also provably untrue.

These are the kind of things Brandon would say, making up lies on the fly to support whatever he is trying to affirm. For reference, Brandon recently stated that vaccinated people don’t spread Covid. A statement so blatantly false that it doesn’t even need fact checking. Even Big Tech can’t hide it. And yet he went unchallenged. We know that Brandon is in advanced stages of dementia, and doesn’t really know what he is saying. Perhaps Sotomayor is suffering a similar fate in secret.

This comment was made in the case now before the Supreme court regarding Brandon Admin’s vaccine mandates. I agree with at least one other commenter that this statement is so egregiously untruthful she needs to publicly rescind it. It is now part of the record of the case, and should not be allowed to stand uncorrected.

Stating the obvious, with a brain like this, Sotomayor has no right to be on the Supreme Court, being among the final arbiters in the laws that govern the country. She should step down. Perhaps Roberts can offer some gentle council.

Maybe he can also talk with Justice Breyer, who cited 750 million Americans infected yesterday as his reference point to justify his support for Brandon.  A super quick fact check on Justice Breyer … umm, there are only 330 million Americans alive.  So, according to Justice Breyer, on average every American was afflicted by Covid at least twice? uhh … THAT would be a real health emergency, if it were true. Which it clearly is not. Just a Supreme Court justice living in an alternate universe lying his ass off to support his masters. His decision in this case is clearly a foregone conclusion.

Is it any surprise you can always count on three justices always aligning with leftist arguments before the bench? What is the point of having a real person on the bench if the vote is always partisan? Right … dumb question.

God, any talk of buying off Kamala Harris to step down by appointing her to the Supreme Court underscores what a marginal institution that body actually is. Too bad the conservatives that were recently appointed aren’t as dutiful to right leaning agendas.

What is it with these people? Are they are so embolden that they believe they can lie with impunity in an attempt to justify their position? Are they too lazy to do even basic fact checking (hello, interns) before they make embarrassing and ignorant public statements from the bench like this? Breyer’s comment is particularly ignorant. I can’t believe someone in his position doesn’t know even the MOST BASIC DATA of the population of the country that he presides over.

These aren’t a couple of dumbasses talking it up over a few beers. These are Supreme Court justices ruling on issues of real consequence. Maybe they actually are dumbasses and the cloak has finally come off. Sotomayor steps in it frequently. She is clearly just a partisan shill. Breyer is as well.

Serious question: Is the “ruling class” all Brandon? Brandon, Pelosi, Schumer, Trudeau (Canada), Macron (France), Morrison (Australia), Boris (UK), Merkel (Germany), Ardern (New Zealand), Nehammer (Austria), Rutte (Netherlands). Certainly seems to be the case. Useful idiots for the elite and truly powerful that own 90+% of the earth.

Listen to Neil Oliver questioning the synchronization of speeches by World “Leaders”.

Scripted. Conspiracy. Davos. World Economic Forum. Conspirators meeting in the light of day, telling everyone what they intend to do. And our “Leaders” faithfully execute the plan. And we allow this??

We are all Pharaoh.

One good thing about all this Covid BS, is it pulled the cloak off so many people, who turn out to be stupid and/or hateful fascists. Hollywood falls into both categories. Public education/teachers union is another one. Universities have been totally consumed. MSM and Big Tech are no brainers. Karens hiding in the bushes. Or “health experts” and medical doctors filing amicus briefs in the Supreme Court case in support of vaccine mandates, which fly in the face of all the evidence we now know of the ineffectiveness and destructiveness of the NOT vaccines.

At this point, public health professionals that don’t acknowledge that the vaccines do not work, and cause injury and death, are wholly discredited and should find themselves on the docket at the Nuremberg Covid Edition trials.

Mass Formation Psychosis is a good explanation for the greater population as a whole, but individuals have latent hate that is bubbling to the surface. That is a good article in the link. According to the doctors in the interview, this phenomenon is always destructive.  Once the inflicted crowd identifies a common enemy, the enemy’s destruction becomes essential.  Then, that achieved, the crowd looks for another target, a new enemy to destroy, even if that enemy is from within its cohort.  

Look at what the left is trying to do to JK Rowling for having the tenacity to say there are two biological genders. And she is a hard-core leftist. Stupid Jon Stewart put his SJW card on the table stating that Harry Potter is anti-sematic because of the way goblins are portrayed in the story. After extensive pushback from everyone — right, left, center, Jews, Gentiles, aliens, white supremacists, antifa, goblins — he first tried to walk the statement back that he never said it. Then, given that there is a video record of the statement, saying it was taken out of context. Stewart got the bright idea that he would get bonus points for piling on Rowling. Too bad he won’t be cancelled. But, stupid is forever.

So Hate has another dimension. Lacking the intelligence to develop one’s own context for hating someone, these fascists, under the spell of Mass Formation Psychosis, look to their leaders and peers for guidance on whom to hate and destroy.

One last comment (for now) about the Supreme Court. Every time I see Merrick Garland as AG, or read his comments, I’m sooo thankful his nomination to the Supreme Court was tanked by the Republicans, feckless as they are. He’s nothing but a partisan hack who’s weaponized the US justice system to attack and marginalized anyone that questions the narratives promoted by his handlers on the left. This is such a dangerous situation for any freedom we have remaining. True fascism.