They’ll Come for You Too

Here’s a video from Germany (or Austria) of a woman walking her dog without wearing a mask. Police stop her, she gets testy and appears to say something that offends the police. Seven police officers swarmed to arrest her and keep the public at bay.

It looks like a gang of police are roaming around, find a target, and swoop in for the bust. Initially, it was three, but when tension starts to rise, four more step in. Not a couple police walking the beat.

Clearly, the police are expecting some public resistance. Notice when anyone starts to approach the altercation, police bristle, with one pulling out and extending his baton. Also note the police officer with a video camera filming the crowd. No doubt running the footage through facial recognition software to ID anyone taking an interest in the events unfolding.

Keeping the peace? Uh, no. Establishing the absolute authority of the government.

Making YOU the enemy of the state because you aren’t complying with right-think.

Tell me this is about Covid. Not. This is about turning the world into a globalist, totalitarian police state.

Naomi Wolf (at 5:15): “The vaccine mandates are a way to drive everyone into medical compliance with a new digital state apparatus that will control access to society and will weed out critics and dissidents … a pretext for creating a digital monoculture.” There’s a bit more, but I captured the gist of it.

The Plandemic is the enabler for a digital monoculture, where non-compliance is criminal.

Coming for you soon enough.

Un-f*cking believable.