The Cat is Out of the Bag: The More You Vaccinate, the Worse Things Get

A new study finds that the COVID vaccines cause more COVID cases per million (+38% in US) and more deaths per million associated with COVID (+31% in US), than if you were unvaccinated.

The link also has links to 7 other studies that reach the same conclusion.

More on the study from Gateway Pundit.

The vaccines cause more harm than good. In fact, the only good they seem to do is for Big Pharma share prices. Your health? Not so much. You are more likely to catch Covid, more likely to be hospitalized with Covid, and, of course, the vaccine itself can injure or kill you.

This could be you.

At some point, the Jab Nazis will have to acknowledge vaccine failure. The data is all on the table right now. VACCINE FAILURE.

And no way to take it back after you have had The Jab. Kinda sucks, don’t it.

Its all about the Benjamins. Listen to Maria Bartiromo. “We’ve got to get to the bottom of his (Fauci) corruption.” — Senator Ron Johnson. Indeed.

And yet governments continue the march towards totalitarian states. Panic? Or just full on authoritarian violence and control, now that the Plandemic cat is fully out of the bag.

I can’t comprehend how this will play out. Maybe I am reading the tea leaves wrong, but it seems we are on a precipice of some sort. The bad sort.

If the US Supreme Court rules that the Bandon Admin vaccine mandate violates the Constitution, will it be a death blow to the Jab Nazis? Possibly. Or they’ll keep trying.

If the Supremes decide that Brandon is legally able to assert the vaccine mandate, this will clearly be the end of Freedom in the US. And it will ripple across other tyrannical states — Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, France, UK, most of the rest of the EU (excepting Hungary and Poland). Countries which are already clearly signaling the unvaccinated are persona non grata in society. They are setting up internment camps into which they intend to imprison the non-compliant. Gee, what does that remind you of?

We are not in a happy place.