Wikipedia deletes The List of Scientists who are Skeptics of the sacred (fake) “Consensus”

source: Link to JoNova blog

Wikipedia is into full censorship mode, deleting an article that lists scientists who are climate skeptics. In the now deleted article, the scientists are not skeptical of climate change, but of the cause and effect. The list is broken down as such:

  • scientists that have called the observed warming attributable to natural causes, i.e. the high solar activity witnessed over the last few decades
  • scientists publicly questioning the accuracy of IPCC climate models
  • scientists arguing that the cause of global warming is unknown
  • scientists arguing that global warming will have few negative consequences
  • deceased scientists who published material indicating their opposition to the mainstream scientific assessment of global warming prior to their deaths.

So, “the science is now settled” mantra is being enforced by silencing critics and skeptics. I can’t state emphatically enough what a dangerous place this is. Dystopian and fascist. These are the same people that are parading Joe Biden, a man with a clearly deteriorating mental state around as a candidate for the US presidency. Its about power and control. Don’t give in. If you do, you deserve what is coming.