US EPA Petitioned to Reverse 2009 Endangerment finding for Greenhouse Gases

In 2009, the EPA determined there was “compelling support for finding that greenhouse gas air pollution endangers the public welfare of both current and future generations.” Such finding, according to EPA, was based upon “both current observations and projected risks and impacts into the future,” which risks and adverse impacts, they claimed, “are expected to increase over time.”

According to the petition, in the ten years since the EPA made this judgment, considerable amount of scientific research has been conducted on the potential impacts of rising greenhouses gases on humanity and the natural world. The additional knowledge obtained from such research and observations reveal quite clearly that rising greenhouse gases do not represent what EPA identified in 2009 to be a current or future threat to public welfare.

Multiple observations confirm that projected risks and adverse impacts of rising greenhouse gases accepted by EPA in the Endangerment Finding are failing to occur and are not increasing with time. Moreover, numerous scientific studies reveal that CO2 emissions and fossil fuel use have actually enhanced life and improved humanity’s standard of living, and will continue to do so as more fossil fuels are used.

The studies cited in the petition thoroughly debunk the CO2 is bad for humanity and the world falsehood. It clearly establishes that increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere is a benefit to life on earth.

And besides, there are no links to rising levels of CO2 and climate change. In fact, most or all the climate models “run hot,” and consistently overshoot actual observed temperatures. So much so that climate modelling totally lacks credibility.

I won’t even get into the other climate alarmist hokum the petition debunks (e.g. increased severity of extreme weather events, which is discussed at length).

This is a really important document that should resolve the CO2 canard. But it likely won’t, at least for the time being. I can’t imagine, however, that the EPA will be able to ignore it.

Read the petition here.