CSIRO Official Position is that No Studies Link Australia Bushfires to Climate Change, but CSIRO Lies About it Anyhow

In an effort to promote the false claim that the Australia bush fires were cause by climate change, CSIRO, the Australian federal government agency responsible for scientific research, tabled a document in parliament making this claim despite its own official position being that there are no studies to prove this.

Per Senator Canavan: “This was a document about climate change and the science about bushfires and they failed to include that the CSIRO has concluded in their last report on climate change in Australia that there are no studies linking climate change to fire weather at this stage. “

When confronted as to why this was not included in the report, the hapless Dr Peter Mayfield bumbled on: “… it is really a question of what you choose to put in and not put in. There’s a lot of other things we could have written.”  

Yeah, right. Clearly, officials at CSIRO are promoting the climate alarmist narrative, despite the truth they otherwise know. This is not incompetence.