World Climate Declaration => There is No Climate Emergency

A global declaration / publication authored by Guus Berkhout, President of CLINTEL The Hague, February 2020.

This global declaration, signed by more than 800 scientists and experienced professionals, disputes the climate alarmist narrative with a clear message: There is NO Climate emergency.

The six statements of the declaration:

  1. Natural as well as anthropogenic factors cause warming
  2. Warming is far slower than predicted
  3. Climate policy relies on inadequate models
  4. CO2 is plant food, the basis of all life on earth
  5. Global warming has not increased natural disasters
  6. Climate policy must respect scientific and economic realities

Lots to read in the declaration, but it is well presented and not bogged down by complicated science. A core idea is that the reliance on climate models is a big mistake, due to the total inability of models to reliably predict anything: ” So far, application of poorly validated climate models has led to the prediction of an apocalyptic future. It may be seen as the biggest scientific mistake of mankind in its recent history.”

The declaration further states that the real danger is moving forward with “green new deal” types of public policies that will destroy the global economic system. The IPCC and the UN fully reject criticism and debate on they alarmist narrative.

This declaration is the one we should be recognizing, not the climate alarmist narrative. Rise up!

update 160320: UN’s climate action machinery is on the verge to collapse, beginning this November in Glasgow, Scotland. This time the annual climate summit, called COP 26, is most likely to end in complete disarray, even more than COP 25 did last year in Madrid, Spain.

While it is being hyped that the major economies will table bold new plans for cutting emissions under the Paris Accord, the major economies will do no such thing. China and India have said they will not do it. The U.S. will have quit the Accord by then. Russia has no interest, and Japan is busy building coal fired power plants to replace its moth-balled nukes. Boris Johnson has said nothing about new immediate UK actions. Brazil has a populist president like Trump. And so it goes down the list of major economies. There is no support.