That Deafening Silence

Regardless of one’s view on climate or any other topic, it is worth listening to and discussing different points of view. A point which falls on deaf ears amongst progressives. If you disagree with the narrative they support, then you must be silenced, censored, deplatformed, defunded, yelled at, physically attacked yada yada yada.

Advocates of this censorship, strangely enough, defend it by claiming it is Social Justice. Peter Boghossian sums it up nicely in his piece “The Illiberalism of Social Justice”:

One of the easiest ways to understand how illiberal Social Justice can be is available to anyone who attempts to criticize it. Those who criticize Social Justice are not thanked for helping to improve its tenets. Rather, they’re called bigots, homophobes, Nazis, grifters, misogynists, or, the trump card meant to silence all conversation: racists.

This is where we are at with the climate debate. Man-caused climate change skeptics in academia and research are becoming untouchables. Research funding is unavailable, and it appears that secret blacklists are being kept to make sure they are shut out of academic positions.

These are the tactics of fascists. I find it strange that there appear to be so many people sympathetic to such actions. What has happened over the last couple of generations? People need safe spaces to protect them from speech and ideas they don’t like? College campuses seem to be the worst places to get a balanced view of contentious issues. Fair enough to lock yourself in your echo chamber, but it is dangerous to society to actively enforce right-think. Truly dystopian. But, this seems to be where we are headed. Very sad.