Svalbard Norway now has more polar bear habitat than it did two decades ago

Its true. There are only about 30,000 polar bears left. In 1960, there were 10,000.

From the Polar Bear Science blog: Sea ice measurements around Svalbard, Norway at the end of February 2020 is way above average, with more polar bear habitat now than there has been in two decades.

Contrary to suggestions that more Svalbard ice is better for polar bears, there is no evidence that low extent of sea ice habitat in winter or summer over the last two decades harmed polar bear health, reproductive performance, or abundance. In fact, polar bear numbers in 2015 were 42% higher than they were in 2004, and most bears were found to be in excellent condition. Read more here …

Read the climate alarmists chirp in here, including the CBC attempting to discredit the Polar Bear Science blog. Haters gonna hate.