“I have a PhD” … the great reveal

Anthropologist” (and I use the term loosly), Gabby Yearwood, who’s claim to fame is he has a PhD, confesses that he cannot tell from human remains whether it is male or female.

Umm … umm … I can’t fathom an appropriate response to his ignorance and/or incompetence.

So, you get a PhD in anthropology, and you cannot tell the difference between a male and a female?

Umm …

Trust the science and the scientist??

…. wait for it …


So … in 8 – 12 years of study to become an “anthropogist” you cannot tell the diefference between a male and a female?


The best part in the video is when he claims that he has a PhD!

“But, but I have a PhD!!”

Yeah, right. That means you are unassailable.

What a fuc*ing maroon. Science is doomed with virtual signaling morons like this.

Education system is phucked, spewing out trash like this.

Go to trade school. University degree is a waste of time and money.