THIS is Inspiring! The Trudeau Government is GOING DOWN

Truckers, Farmers and now COWBOYS.




And by the way, who is Trudeau’s stunt double, anyhow? CLEARLY, the man giving podium speeches is NOT Justin Trudeau.

On a related topic, it turns out that the Canadian Government may be involved in RICO fraud. Acuitus Biopharma and Arbutus Theraputics, both out of BC, invented the lipid nanopartical that is licensed by Pfizer and Moderna to inject the pathogen. For each injection sold, these companies collect a royalty. Does this explain why the Canadian Government ordered 10 times the number of shots than there are Canadians? What possible motive can there be to order 10 times the doses. It leads one to speculate on the ownership of Acuitus and Arbutus, and who was benefiting as these companies were getting rich. What are their ties to the Trudeau Govt? Always follow the money.

Oh, and here’s Truck Fudeau telling us about liberty in 2015 and liberty in 2022. You can guess how this ends. What a fraud.