The New Gold — Unvaccinated Blood and Sperm

Long Funeral Homes, Short Life Insurance companies.

Governments can’t hide this data. As public companies report earnings, life insurance companies are reporting significant uptick in death benefits payouts, coincident with … lemme see … oh, vaccines and boosters. Especially, all cause deaths are up for working-age people.

Similarly, Funeral Homes are seeing big upticks in their business.

In the comments section, lots of discussion about blood and sperm donations. One unvaccinated blood donor is being hounded to donate blood every 56 days. When s/he asked why, “because that’s what we are being told.”

Over half the deaths seen by this funeral director were likely caused by the COVID vaccines. Strange clots in the blood in more than half the people he has embalmed, all of them in vaccinated people. In Jan 2022, 65% of cases he embalmed have the clots.

The great unravelling is looking to be quite the sh*t show.

Let’s see, truckers, accountants and insurance actuaries are going to break the back of the fake vax conspiracy. Who’d a thunk.