WTF?! IS IT OVER?? Biden: “Look, There Is No Federal Solution”

So, after two years of lockdowns, bullying people to get vaxxed, trashing the economy and peoples’ lives, Biden says, “Sorry, the buck doesn’t stop here. Let the states take care of it.” Holy crap!!

And just after the “winter of death” lecture.

We are seeing the end of the Plandemic. It has reached the point beyond absurdity. But I think Corporate America has had enough, and told the Biden administration to end the farce. They can only bleed revenue for so long, and that time has come.

Are we in some weird parallel universe? WTF?!

So, THIS is how they bail??!! Its outrageous! I mean, its clear I have been assembling all the evidence I could that this whole Plandemic — got that — Plan-demic — is a lie. But, for the Brandon administration to just punt the whole tamale like that … Wow! (I know, mixed metaphors).

This is mind-boggling. Simply unbelievable.

Conservative Treehouse comments on this stunning walk-back.

Meanwhile, at the CDC: Sorry, the PCR test we have been using to establish mandates and force the jab on everyone is bogus. It actually can’t accurately test for Covid infections. The CDC admits that the PCR test cannot differentiate between SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses; ie the seasonal flu. And it likely cannot differentiate between a cold and SARS-CoV-2. After all, Omicron symptoms look suspiciously like the common cold. In short, THE PCR TEST IS NOT AND NEVER WAS ABLE TO DIAGNOSE COVID INFECTION.

Update: The clown show continues at the CDC. The CDC is now NOT requiring a negative PCR test after positive Covid test and isolation, since “the test can produce positive results for up to 12 weeks.” err, that doesn’t reconcile with the previous bullet, that PCR tests are bogus in the first place. But we knew that at the beginning of the Plandemic when the inventor of the PCR test told everyone that it was not a diagnostic tool. We knew this, and yet it was continued to be used. Yet more evidence that the whole Covid thing is a front for the real agenda — marking and tracking the global population.

Also at the CDC, if you have been double vaccinated and boosted, and then if you are exposed to someone who is Covid infected, don’t worry about it. You can carry on if you wear a mask around others for 10 days.

Also at the CDC reduxe, if you are Covid positive and in isolation, you can exit isolation after 5-day isolation not only when you are “asymptomatic,” but also when your “symptoms are resolving. i.e. you are still sick and shedding the virus, but go ahead and mingle with the general population. Even if you are a nurse treating patients. My head is spinning.

And just to be clear that, despite the humiliating walk-back and apparent capitulation to the virus by the Brandon Administration, the silencing of critics of The Narrative will continue unabated, as Dr Malone has been permanently suspended from Twitter for “violating acceptable speech rules related to COVID-19.” umm, yeah. Dr Malone is a co-inventor of the mRNA technology used by the Pfizer and Moderna non-vaccines. Not exactly an ignorant shill yelling at clouds. Don’t fret, however. The Truth is Out There. Just not on Twitter or Fakebook.

Time to get back to normal life. Unless you got The Jab, in which case you need to worry about the long term effects of this poison.

DON’T LET THEM ESCAPE! The individuals need to be held to account!

I need some warm milk …