Why Go After Children?

Robert Kennedy Jr explains that getting the vaccine approved for children would provide Big Pharma indemnity from being sued for injury.

The current vaccines are all issued under emergency use mandates, with the provision that pharma companies cannot be sued. The Pfizer vaccine that was approved by the FDA is essentially the same vaccine as the one under emergency use. It is also not for sale, because it is not protected against lawsuits. Pfizer is waiting for the FDA to approve the vaccine for children before selling it to adults.

I’m really impressed with Kennedy. He is sharp and well spoken. His comments about aluminum and allergies at 44:00 are enlightening. I had no idea.

Either they knew or they should have known. Dr Peter McCullough goes after Dr Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s medical correspondent for shilling the vaccine to children on Sesame Street. The link is cued to that part of the Joe Rogan interview, but it is worth listening to the whole thing. Malfeasance is the way McCullough describes it.

“Off the Rails.” McCollough refers to Dr Scott Atlas describing The Vaccine promotion by government and other enablers. Atlas says the enablers are incompetent. McClollough says “they” knew or should have known and it is criminal. You cannot be in such a position of authority, as is Gupta, and claim ignorance. McCollough underscores this point by talking about the censoring and willful ignorance of the benefits of ivermectin as a therapeutic treatment for Covid infection.

Its all very sinister. The pharma companies and their enablers are evil. No question. Its unbelievable that governments are complicit and trying to force vaccine mandates with full knowledge of the injuries and death that the vaccine causes. And censoring any discussion that challenges The Narrative.

Crime against humanity.