Its Alive!

New evidence from South Korea show live organisms in Moderna and Pfizer jabs. Stew Peters interviews Dr Jane Ruby.

This follows similar revelations by Dr Carrie Madej.

Basically, the researchers warmed up samples of the vaccine to human temperature. The vaccine is kept frozen until it is administered. As the vaccine thaws, the material in it seems to come to life. Maybe that’s because it is alive. This is like a science fiction end-of-the-world movie. Scary stuff.

Perhaps this is why Ivermectin, developed as an anti-parasitic, is so effective against Covid, ’cause Covid is a parasite. And the “vaccine,” derived from the virus, also contain parasitic agents.

Let’s consider the source of the original SARS-CoV-2 virus. Chinese researchers found the virus in a bat cave following the infections of miners. The miners did not transmit the infection to people they came in contact with because the virus was not biologically able to transmit human-to-human. The researchers took the virus, and through gain-of-function re-engineering, enabled it for transmissibility among humans. Voila! Covid-19.

Here is Robert Kennedy Jr describing the technique (queue to 8:40). The entire interview with Kennedy is well worth watching, as are the other segments on Bannons War Room. The linked segment is Kennedy talking about the involvement of the CIA and Pentagon in the research.

The truth is beginning to leak out, but the perpetrators of this crime against humanity still control The Narrative to a very high degree.