The Covid Grinch Comes for Gibraltar

Gibraltar; the most vaccinated region on Earth (100% fully vaccinated, 40% boosted) has now cancelled Christmas due to “exponential” rise in cases.

Here’s some added perspective on Gibraltar. Geert Vanden Bossche, a scientist and expert vaccine developer (Belgium) anticipated exactly this outcome in September. When Vanden Bossche initially reviewed the high vaccination rates in Israel, Vanden Bossche warned the absence of a natural immunity population to fight the virus would lead to an uncontrollable spread of the virus in the vaccinated community.  The higher the vaccination rates, the more serious the spread of the virus amid the population that only carries the immune system protection provided by the vaccine.  As Alex Berenson says, the virus is gonna virus.

And here we are.

Obviously, caused by the pandemic of the unvaccinated. Which is why countries are invoking fascist-like restrictions on unvaccinated citizens. “SHOW US YOUR PAPERS!” Hello Austria and Germany. Rounding up and segregating the population much? Never again sure came soon. Who’d a thunk it. Yeah, freedom is just another word for “obey.”

Even Fauci and Gates have fessed up that the vaccines are not working. And yet the forced rollout continues.

But Fauci let slip a little bit of truth behind the vaccine mandates — people’s individual rights and freedoms are superseded by “societal safety.” i.e. the government can override individual constitutional rights and freedoms, and you can’t do sh*t about it. How do you spell tyranny? V-A-C-C-I-N-E M-A-N-D-A-T-E.

Always remember, its not about Covid, its about the vaccine.

update 181121 — and now Italy wants to lock down the unvaccinated

update 191121 –– fortunately citizens seem to be reaching the breaking point. In Austria, police, trade unions and the military are standing up to the fascist government. Rise Up!!