The Bigger Picture

So, where is all this vaccine mandate stuff taking us? Right, surveillance and control.

So, who’s in charge? Well, the wealthy elite are calling the shots. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. They operate and lay out their agenda in plain sight — COP26, Davos. They are served by the toady, bought and paid for politicians. And of course they need enforcement and intimidation — Antifa, BLM, the police and the intelligence community.

Jeff Bezos is speculating that humans will live and work in space and will be able to take a holiday on earth. Which of course he and the other billionaires will control.

Bezos’ conjecture may sound like speculation and futurism, but everything that is going on now is about control and ownership. Klaus Schwab believes by 2030 people won’t really own anything, renting and subscribing to the things they want. Which of course he will own and control.

We are watching our dystopian future unfold before us, and are too lazy, dumb, comfortable, submissive, willfully ignorant, to do anything to stop it. It wasn’t enough that big tech turn into a massive surveillance and data collection network. “They” need a more comprehensive approach. i.e. The Jab.

Here’s the plan: Force The Jab on everyone, implant tracking technology via the jab, remove some blood for DNA while you’re at it, and create a database of the DNA of all people on earth. Oh, and destroy personal wealth, money and the economic system. Meanwhile, the wealthy elites gobble up the real assets of the earth. Bill Gates owns more farmland than anyone in the US.

What is left for the 99.9997% of the world’s population? Peonage.

This is sooo fascist. On a global scale.

Bloody hell …

“Its a BIG club and you ain’t in it” – George Carlin.