Beware the COVIDPass

Down the rabbit hole …

The COVIDPass has recently been introduced as a global proof-of-vaccination status pass. But in order to work as promised, it needs to look for trackers or markers. CovidPass appears to rely on a blood test to determine vaccination status. Do the vaccines have such markers in them introduced into the body?

And what else is in the vaccine? How about weird hydra-like tentacled thingys that seem to move? And nanotechnologies such as superconducting materials becoming visible after being hit by a white light i.e. an operating system? Dr Carrie Madej obtained vials of vaccine and put them under a 400x compound-microscope. Those are some of the things she found.

Dr. Franc Zalewski continues on this track. He claims a parasite is being introduced by the vaccine. This is a bit too strange and spooky. Zalewski also claims that the swabs used to swipe inside the nasal passage does more than collect Covid samples. It is also the type of swab used to collect DNA. So were all those millions or billions of tests in fact collecting DNA for a global database?

Ever hear the phrase “transhumanism”? Transhumanism is a philosophy that humans can be improved and transformed through the introduction of biotechnologies into the body. Are nanotechnologies being introduced into through the vaccine for surveillance and predictive policing. Check out the “Trust Stamp” and related “Wellness Pass” introduced by the Gates Foundation in Africa. Sure sounds like it.

Sh*t, transhumanism, gain-of-function viruses. Bloody hell! How do we reign in these maniacs?


I don’t know. This is all very strange. I prefaced this post by suggesting I was going down the rabbit hole, i.e. a place where real and unreal intermingle. The vaccine appears to be a trojan horse of some sort, for introducing nanotechnologies or micro-organisms. In one of the previous posts, we are seeing upticks in hospitalizations for a variety of causes, which appear to be unrelated to Covid, but are occurring in the vaccinated population. Maybe the proverbial chicken is coming home to roost.

LET’S GO BRANDON! Oh, and F*ck Fauci.