… more on Natural Immunity. Spoiler alert — if you recovered from Covid, you ain’t gonna get it again!

Don’t let the lack of discussion fool you. Natural immunity is superior protection to Covid infection than vaccination. Brownstone Institute compiled a list of 30 peer reviewed studies that come to that conclusion.

And for bonus points, Jimmy Dore looks at the science related to relying on vaccination as the only health treatment for Covid. Needless to say, all of the studies and quotes Dore considers concludes the ineffectiveness of the vaccine at keeping people from catching and spreading Covid renders the vaccine mandate discussion moot. Why shoot up something that doesn’t even work? Always remember, its not about Covid, its about the vaccine. (note: this Jimmy Dore video has now been censored by Fakebook. Must be something to it.)

And hospitals are hiding and obfuscating what’s really happening.

Trust the science. F*ck Fauci.



From The Gateway Pundit:

The Brownstone Institute for Social and Economic Research published a list of 91 different clinical research studies which each conclude that naturally acquired immunity is at the very least equal to, but in many cases vastly superior, to the experimental mRNA vaccines that are currently available. Every single one of the studies was conducted over the past year and a half and specifically analyzed natural immunity in relation to the Covid-19 outbreak that originated in China.

The results are shocking. In just one study that looked at “52,238 employees in an American healthcare system,” researchers found that the reinfection rate among individuals who had recovered from Covid-19, even if they had gone on to get the vaccine after recovering, was “almost zero.”

Most notably, of the almost 1,400 “previously infected subjects” who had never received a Covid-19 vaccine, not a single one was reinfected with the virus. The data was so clear that researchers concluded vaccination is “unlikely to benefit” individuals with natural immunity.

Soo, everyone with natural immunity need to get “The Jab,” umm, because Covid.

Yeah? F*ck right off. Take your Jab and shove it.

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