Smoke Smoke Everywhere

By now, pretty much everyone has experienced smoke from the wildfires ravaging the three western US states, California, Oregon and Washington. No, this is not due to climate change. Its forestry mismanagement. The fuel load on the ground has been accumulating for decades, drying out, and waiting to catch fire.

Here is an excellent backgrounder on the issue by David Stockman.

Researchers believe that in prehistoric California, between 4.4 million and 11.8 million acres burned naturally each year. Between 1982 and 1998, state land managers burned about 30,000 acres per year. And between 1999 and 2017, the number dropped to 13,000 acres annually. It is estimated that California needs to burn 20 million acres to stabilize the system.

This was a fire crisis waiting to happen. Don’t believe the lying politicians that are attempting to evade their own culpability in this. No, earth is not pissed off and exacting revenge on humans. This is stupid humans reaping the consequences of their own incompetence.

Read the article by Stockman.


Why are there so many wildfires in California, but few in the Southeastern US” — from the Foundation for Economic Education.

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And who’d a thunk that climate change stopped at the Canada – US border. Canada Wildfires at Lowest Level for Years. It seems that climate change has only infected forests in California. Not Canada. Not the Southeastern US. Not Europe. Funny that.