New Climate Models Exaggerate Midwest Warming by 6X

from Dr Roy Spencer’s blog:

After 50 years of predictions and observations (1970-2019), what do we know? For the Midwest U.S. in the summer (June-July-August), there has been almost no statistically significant warming in the last 50 years, whereas the CMIP6 models appear to be producing even more warming than the CMIP5 models did.

The observed 50-year trend is only 0.086 C/decade, while the CMIP5 average model trend is 4X as large at 0.343 C/decade, and the CMIP6 trend is 5.7X as large at 0.495 C/decade.

This real observed data, against the predictions of the climate models shows unequivocally that predictions are consistently biased upwards, and cannot be relied upon for policy decisions. And yet, this is what the UN IPCC reports to influence policy decisions.

As with Covid models, same as it ever was. Build models which output the desired outcome. Fake news. Fake science.

Perhaps this is also why global grain production is at record highs. Rather than the scorched earth climate fear mongers would have us believe.