And yet another climate science study scandal exposed: Ocean acidification does not impair the behavior of coral reef fish

Eight academic/scientific studies over the last few years concluded that acidification of the oceans, via absorbing excess CO2 in the atmosphere, was addling reef fishes brains and senses such that they were unable to hunt and hide, and were dieing as a result. Specifically, the studies found that high CO2 concentrations cause small reef fish to:

  • lose their ability to smell predators, and can even become attracted towards the scent of predators
  • become hyperactive
  • loose their tendency to automatically swim either left or right
  • have impaired vision

7 scientists repeated experiments documented in eight previous studies on the effect of climate change on coral reef fish to see if they were correct. They found 100% replication failure. None of the findings of the original eight studies were found to be correct.

Now, researchers of the original eight studies, all done at James Cook University’s Coral Reef Centre, are being investigated for fraud and misconduct. Why does climate science fraud always go in one direction?