Greenland is Melting Away Before Our Eyes … err … Not

Greenland just set a new all-time record-low temperature — -86.8F / -66C. At that temperature, maybe Hell did freeze over.

Summit Camp, also known as Summit Station, is a year-round research station on the apex of the Greenland Ice Sheet. It is located some 10,500 ft (3,200 m) above sea level. It’s data is often cited by climate alarmists as evidence of global warming. So maybe warming has taken on a bit of a chill.

To make matters worse, a pulse of Arctic air is expected to engulf practically all of Canada by Jan 09, and should sweep the Central & Western U.S. by Jan 17. This is projected to be accompanied by heavy snowfalls.

The deep cold is a result of a weakening jet stream, diverting brutal polar cold to the lower-latitudes This is also coincident with historically low solar activity. Without sounding pithy, despite the shrill prognostications of global warming, there is mounting evidence that there is, in fact, a cooling going on. In which case, the climate alarmists will probably begin bleating about the need to increase CO2 emissions.