The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg

Title says it all. Read this

Here also is an interview with Dr Tim Ball, who talks about the climate change hoax and Greta Thunberg’s unfortunate (for her) role in promoting the hoax. Dr Ball was the climate scientist who called out Michael Mann’s hockey stick as fake science, was sued by Mann in BC court, and unequivocally won (including damages) when Mann refused to present his data and algorithms in court as demanded by the presiding judge. A cold day in hell for climate activists.

On Greta, Ball accuses her mother of child abuse for putting a child with acknowledged mental health issues on the world stage in this manner. He doesn’t blame Greta for anything she says, but the people and organization behind her, including the UN and its IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

The wide-ranging interview with Ball is enlightening and important. It should be transcribed and distributed broadly. He discusses the conspiracy and corruption behind the climate debate, its genesis being in the ’60s with the Club of Rome. Soros tends to be identified as the boogie man manipulating issues like this behind the scenes, but he is the face of a largely faceless Club of Rome with founding uber-rich guy David Rockefeller. For people like Soros and the Rockefellers, it is not about wealth, it is about power and control. The climate debate uses the environment to control the people. There is lots more to be concerned about than CO2 emissions.

Two basic ideals that are now under attack are free will and free speech. Nowhere else in the world are these ideals as staunchly defended than the USA and within Christianity. But, we have progressives and progressive-run tech platforms actually censoring conservative voices and patrolling free speech. What is fake news? Basically, we are at the point where actual facts are attacked and debunked when it doesn’t suit the progressive narrative, of which the climate debate is one of many topics. When you can no longer separate truth from lies, there is no truth. Shut down the free flow of ideas and information and we all die in darkness.