Ukraine: Death of a State

Despite what the western propagandists tell you, Ukraine is lost.

Here is, from my perspective, an accurate account of the war — Russo-Ukrainian War: The World Blood Pump.

I don’t understand why Ukraine is so important to the west. There has clearly been something nefarious going on there for a long time. US biolabs, Trump trapped by a phone call, the 2014 coup led by Victoria Nuland, a comedienne placed as President, money laundering of aid through FTX to US politicians, Hunter Biden’s ties to Burisma and other Ukraine business etc etc. It is clear that to the west, in particular the US, Ukraine is a central pillar for illegal US government activity.

Sad that so many Ukrainians have been and will be ground up in the meat grinder. An entire generation of men, lost. Yeah, the west will fight until the last Ukrainian. So sad.

And for extra credit reading: World Economic Fuck’em, by Quoth the Raven. Honestly, any sniveling servant that attends the WEF meeting in Davos should immediately lose their jobs and be censured. What a quackery.