Medical Tyranny

Here is an interview well worth watching, begins at 8:15.

Dr Paul Thomas, a pediatrician practicing in Oregon, is all in on informed consent. Before giving kids any shots, he believes parents should be fully aware of the risks and make a decision based on that information. On the face of it, sounds more than reasonable. In fact, it is a guiding principle out of the Nuremberg Trials. No experimental medicine or medical practices unless the patient provides informed consent.

But, the Oregon medical practices board doesn’t see it that way. They compel doctors to follow CDC guidance, which is essentially “do what we tell you” … or else.

Where it gets interesting is the board challenged Dr Thomas on some anecdotal data he published in a book. Which they implied went against data CDC presents. However, it turns out the CDC has never done studies that compare outcomes of unvaccinated children with vaccinated children. So there was nothing for Dr Thomas to compare against.

Notwithstanding, he hired a data analyst to look at 10.5 years of data from his practice. The stunning result is at 12:51. In all instances, children who were vaccinated (all vaccinations, pre-Covid data) were on average, always worse off medically than their unvaccinated peers. The more vaccines you had, the worse off you were. ADHD, neuro development issues, breathing difficulties, eczema, asthma … Children that were not vaccinated did not develop chronic health problems.


Full stop.

Not exactly the drumbeat Big Pharma and the medical profession wants you to hear.

Yeah, the “medical profession”. Captured by Big Pharma. More like Big Pharma apologists and obfuscators.

Within 5 days of Dr Thomas publishing his findings, the Oregon medical practices board illegally pulled his license for the blasphemy of publishing actual data. He got his license back but is continuously harassed by the board. He is now suing the board, as well as each of its members for violation of his constitutional rights and defamation, a $35 million lawsuit. I sure hope he prevails.

But the message is chilling. Del Bigtree (The Highwire) opens the segment with the news that the next set of Covid boosters were approved for emergency use after testing on exactly 8 mice, no human testing. And the medical profession continues to censor doctors like Dr Thomas for presenting truth from their real-world experience.

Here is what Dr Paul Offit has to say about rolling out inoculations using only mouse data. (interview begins at 0:30). Spoiler alert, don’t take The Jab until they actually provide information on the safety and efficacy of the boosters. And he is on the FDA advisory board.

Captured by Big Pharma. Immoral, unethical, and a crime against humanity. The tyranny of the world we live in.