Covid Facts Being Suppressed

Miscarriages increased 300% over the five-year average; a rate of increased cancer over 300%; and an increase in neurological issues over 1,000 percent (from 82,000 yearly average to now 863,000 in one year with the vaccines).

US DOD: 71% of new cases and 60% of hospitalizations were fully vaxxed, as of Sept 2020.

And yet, The Narrative was pandemic of the unvaccinated.

Lies and corruption. Crimes against humanity.

Oh, and boosters cause AIDS. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

Dr Zelenko:

“Regarding the vaccine boosters, let me tell you its the biggest joke in the history of medicine. These vaccines — whether its the first round or the thirty-second shot that you’re going to get — cause AIDS  – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Before you think I’m nuts, I didn’t say it causes HIV. HIV is a virus that causes AIDS. But there are other things that can damage the immune system.

And there are dozens of peer-reviewed papers showing that these vaccines are damaging your innate immune system. Damaging your t-cells. Damaging your natural “killer cells.” So you’re becoming much more prone to developing cancer, auto-immune diseases and other very serious infections. What these vaccines are doing are causing acquired immune deficiency.

It’s damaging your immune system – your God-given immune system. And making you co-dependent on more and more vaccines. And it will never end. And since these vaccines cause terrible side effects, it’s a recipe for death.

So in my opinion, all these semantics about “fully-vaccinated” – you should not be vaccinating with a poison death shot.”

The data is beginning to pile up and knowledgeable people are speaking up and challenging The Narrative.

FACT: If you got The Jab, or God forbid, The Booster, you are soooo F*cked.

Was THIS The Plan?

Sorry, folks, you can’t un-vaccinate.