Denmark Data Suggests Vaccine Effectiveness Against Omicron is Effectively Zero, and Probably Does Not Minimize Symptoms

A Danish study from mid-December should put the stake through the heart of The Jab vampire. Here are two articles analyzing the data: Conservative Treehouse and el gato malo.

Summarizing some of the major points made:

  • any benefit wanes rapidly, beginning within 90 days;
  • if you received the vaccine, you may be more likely to get Omicron infected than if you are unvaccinated. The vaccine efficacy of fully vaxxed people is -231%,, which means that you are more than twice as likely to become infected than if you are unvaccinated. This is because the vaccine lowers your body’s natural immunity response, which is the argument about antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE);
  • if you are vaccinated and get Covid infected, your symptoms are not minimized. Covid infections of people admitted to hospital effectively mirrors the vaccinated/unvaccinated rate of the local population;
  • the vaccines are making the virus MORE ineffective;
  • Omicron is a mild variant. It appears to be no more dangerous than the common cold. In fact, the symptoms suggest OMICRON MAY BE THE COMMON COLD. Omicron: the Pandemic of Lunacy.

At this point in the plandemic cycle, with what we now know as we get more data, it is reasonable to conclude that the vaccines are less than useless, that they actually confer negative benefits towards preventing and minimizing Covid infections against the Omicron variant.

In other words, if you are fully vaccinated, you are worse off than if you are unvaccinated.

Plus they can kill or maim you. Gotcha!

How useless are the vaccines? Over the last week, there have been three cruise ships and a US naval warship that have had Covid outbreaks, despite 100% vaccination rates for crews and passengers. update: 86 cruise ships have Covid outbreaks as of Dec.28. Looks like cruise ships are super spreaders.

Antarctica research station, with 100% vaccination and stringent protocols, gets Omicron.

In the UK, two-thirds of the people in hospital testing positive for Covid were infected in the hospital after being admitted for something else. It appears hospitals are super-spreaders.

This past week, four young soccer players died after suffering a sudden heart attack. While the articles do not say vaccination status, there is clearly increasing evidence that young athletes are suffering from myocarditis following The Jab and boosters.

A three-year old girl in Argentina died the day after receiving The Jab. Why any parent would submit a three-year old to a vaccine for a virus that is not a risk to the child is beyond me. But governments and the Fauci-ites are pushing this narrative, and many people believe their lies and propaganda. Because citizens are supposed to believe and trust their government to not do them harm. You’d think because of their positions of authority, they will have some accountability when they knowingly lie and people die. The propagators of these lies have blood on their hands.

UK data confirms that vaccinated are no better off than unvaccinated. Deaths are more than four times greater for vaccinated people. Vaccinated people were hospitalized almost two times more than unvaccinated. The narrative that we are in a “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated” is clearly false. Its obviously the Pandemic of the Vaccinated.

Also in UK, if you are vaccinated, your chances of Omicron infection are twice that of the unvaccinated.

NY Times editor dies of a heart attack one day after getting Moderna booster. NY Times editor: “Hey Omicron: hit me with your wet snot.” Moderna booster: “Hold my beer.”

A new study estimates the number of Americans who died as a result of The Jab is greater than 150,000. Not counting the NY Times editor mentioned above. According to the linked article, there are 10 independent studies that estimate US vaccine deaths to be greater than 150,000. But W.H.O.’s counting (like what I did there?). Well, VAERS is supposed to be counting. If the 150k number is accurate, VAERS is off by a factor of 20. And we know that the rule of thumb wrt VAERS data is it under-reports by at least a factor of 10. But Covid vaccine deaths and injuries are not your average under-reported medical incidents. The medical community and government data mavens are highly motivated to suppress the real data. i.e. to LIE about the facts and science. DATA OBFUSCATION IS DELIBERATE. FDA, CDC, health “authorities” around the world are complicit.

Further to VAERS and vaccine injury/death reporting generally, here is a link to a series of videos of, mostly RNs talking about the vaccine injuries and deaths they have seen. The last video explains why VAERS data so vastly underreports vaccine related injuries. It is deliberate. Hospital administrations and the Federal government ordered and coerced individuals to NOT report vaccine injuries into VAERS, as required by law. This is actual malice.

More on Vaccine failure. If you get a booster shot, for the first two weeks you have NO PROTECTION. Then you get about 55% protection, which then disappears after about 17 weeks. Tell me again why vaccines are great.

In Germany, 95% of the patients in hospital with Omicron infection are fully vaccinated. 28% of those had a “booster”. Since 71% of the German population is fully vaccinated, this means that Omicron stalks the vaccinated, as I have noted elsewhere.

Covid Global News keeps a running list of deaths and injuries due to The Jab. Healthy people dead hours and days after The Jab.

Vaccines: Not the hero you expected, but the hero you got.

This is no joke. The Jab is killing and maiming people. Time to end any talk of vaccine mandates and vaccine protocols.

So why are the globalists pushing the vaccine on EVERYONE IN THE WORLD? Well, I think The Conservative Treehouse has it right:

The vaccine doesn’t stop infection.  The vaccine doesn’t stop the spread of infection.  The vaccine has no value from the position of decreasing the spread of a COVID-19 virus or any variant therein.  The value of the vaccine is in getting people to take the vaccine.  It sounds goofy, but that’s exactly what Dr. Anthony Fauci admits in this interview.

Once again, it seems the vaccine requirements overall are just a tool to create a system for the Vaccine Passport.  The passport is then a simple tracking mechanism to identify the movements of all the people being forced to show it.   The Vaccine Passport is essentially the gateway to a digital id system.

And there you have it.  Surveillance and tracking of the global population.

Time for Nuremberg Covid edition.