Glenn Beck Takes the Covers off the Dangerous Lie of the Origins of the Corona Virus [PINNED]

Crimes or Cover-Up? Exposing the World’s Most Dangerous Lie.

Here’s a 4 minute version on Tucker Carlson.

Here is the link to download all the documents yourself.

The US Government (via Fauci, Baric, Daszak and pals) deep in the shit in the creation of the Corona virus in cahoots with the Chinese (Shi) in Wuhan.

Yeah, and the US government co-owns the corona virus mRNA technology with Moderna. And then they force the vaccine on everyone? What’s with that (40 minutes in)?

0:50:00 — looks like the Chinese deliberately allowed the infections of athletes at the World Military Games, which took place in October 2019 IN WUHAN, who then carried the virus back to their home countries. Its wasn’t until December 31 that the Chinese came clean to the WHO about the virus.

1:25:00 — NIH and Wellcome Trust, the largest public and private funders of health research in the world, strong-arm scientists and researchers to endorse natural origin theory. Any scientist that investigates the lab leak theory would lose any funding, ie they would need to find a new career.

1:30:00 — Beck ties it all together

1:36:00 — “The really disturbing part is how you have been lied to, and how you have not been able to ask any questions.”

1:42:00 — Bill Gates comes clean on The Jab: “We didn’t have vaccines that block transmission, but helps you with your health.” i.e. its not a vaccine, its a therapeutic.

1:45:00 — Fakebook censors the video. One must ask why is Fakebook so concerned about even asking the questions, let along revealing the truth. Who actually makes these decisions?

1:51:00 — Biden administration is a sh*tshow. Look at Buttigieg and supply chain breakdown. He took two months off? This incompetence is deliberate. What is really going on? Who is running the show? What is the end game?

“They” need you to be ignorant. Don’t be.

Its a long video, but if you really want to understand what is going on, well worth watching.

Clearly a crime against humanity, that Governments around the world enable and allow to persist. The President of the EU knows this, and by recommending a mandatory rollout of the vaccine, is implicitly suggesting that the Nuremberg Code be set aside.

Critics believe forced vaccination under threat of severe penalty to be analogous to scrapping the Nuremberg Code on human medical experimentation, given the vaccines were authorized under emergency measures. Further, vaccine manufacturers are indemnified from any legal claims of injuries due to the vaccine. Given that we know about the vast number of injuries directly attributable to The Jab, why do manufacturers get such protection? And how can governments force a medical procedure on people when it is known to cause severe injury? This is the basis for the claim that mandatory vaccination is a violation of the Nuremberg code.

The vastness of the conspiracy is mind-boggling. And its an ongoing conspiracy. Where do all these conspirators get their marching orders? Who is going to hold the conspirators accountable when the government is deeply involved, and suppresses the truth?

Fauci has clearly been outed, but continues to stonewall with no accountability or implications. Fauci is even asking for a 20% ($9B) increase in funding for the NIH. Yup, he is really being held to account.

And not just the US and Chinese governments. Look at all the vaccine mandates and lockdowns. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Austria, Germany et al.

Are “We the People” doomed? The Great Reset, indeed.

This is sooo f*cked up.