So, How are the Vaccines Workin’ Out Fer Ya?

Umm … data shows not too well. Countries with high vaccination rates are experiencing the highest rate of infection. Its pretty clear that, not only does the vaccine do little or nothing to protect the jabbie from Covid infection, it actually appears to invite infection.

And then there is the increasing incidence of people being hospitalized and/or dying from an array of afflictions, but mostly centered around heart and blood issues — inflammation and clotting. And, as the nurse in the link says, double vaccinated people are being admitted with Covid, and are dying from the treatments.

I know I keep saying it is not about Covid, it is about the vaccine. But the data is now so unequivocal that the vaccine is worse than the disease, people still advocating mandatory vaccinations clearly have something else on their mind, rather than the health of citizens. Do they really want the bodies to start piling up? Is global depopulation the hidden agenda? My eight ball says “signs point to yes.”