Fauci Lied. NIH Funded Gain-of-Function Research, says the NIH

A top NIH official admitted in a Wednesday letter that the US-funded so-called “gain-of-function” research in Wuhan, China – and that the US nonprofit which conducted it, EcoHealth Alliance – led by the controversial Peter Daszak, “failed to report” that they had created a chimeric bat coronavirus which could infect humans.

“The NIH–specifically, Collins, Fauci, and Tabak–lied to Congress, lied to the press, and lied to the public. Knowingly. Willfully. Brazenly.” — Richard H. Albright, Rutgers University Board of Governors Chemistry Professor.

Well, isn’t that special. Fauci and Daszak were directly involved in the development of a coronavirus which could well be the one unleashed on the world. And then Fauci lied to Congress, under direct explicit questioning by Rand Paul. In fact, even calling Rand Paul a liar.

Small wonder Fauci is so aggressive in addressing his critics and recommending mask and vaccine mandates. Deflecting and misdirecting scrutiny of his complicity in developing the coronavirus. Such an evil man.