Natural vs Vaccine Immunity

Really good objective comparison of data for natural vs vaccine immunity by Dr John Campbell. Net conclusion at 20:34 — “Natural immunity results in a better grade of immunity than vaccine immunity.”

… vaccination if you have already had Covid infection “can result in systemic side effects.”

Here is a quick look at the amazing shrinking effectiveness of vaccines.

Oh, and about the J&J jab, a recently published study reported a steep decline in vaccine effectiveness against infection by August of this year (2021), especially for people who received the J&J vaccine. Researchers found that among more than 600,000 veterans, J&J’s vaccine’s protection fell from 88% in March to 3% in August.

Hmm … in five month the effectiveness of the J&J vaccine declined to just 3%. No wonder Big Pharma is promoting booster shots. Basically, with 3% effectiveness, you may as well be unvaccinated. Except for those pesky side effects. That suggests, based on Israeli data, that natural immunity is more than a hundred times more effective than J&J’s vaccine.

By comparison, Pfizer’s effectiveness declined to 50% in August from 91% and Moderna’s fell to 64% from 92%.

So says the data. Trust the science. LET’S GO BRANDON! Oh, and F*ck Fauci too.