Why Now?

My previous post kind of spun out of control. I originally was just publishing info on the VERY rapidly evolving Covid narrative, and then Fauci’s emails were released. And then all hell broke loose. So its kind of chaotic, but lots of great info if you have patience and tenacity.

The very curious thing is why would the Deep State/Globalists open the kimono, and enable/encourage the scrutiny of the origins of Covid virus, when this topic has been stonewalled by MSM and Big Tech. It should be crystal clear by now (if you are are reading my blog) that dis-information warfare largely controls “the narrative.” MSM and Big Tech are the standard bearers.

Here is a link to The Conservative Treehouse analysis of the Fauci emails and what it might mean.

Here is a link to The Vanity Fair exploring the lab-leak theory. Seriously, Vanity Fair? Truly a bastion of progressive disinformation. So, Vanity Fair publishes a thorough investigation of the Covid lab-leak “theory”. This is like asking a serial liar “are you lying now?” So, if you read the Vanity Fair article, you need to be inoculated with anti-progressive BS serum, just to maintain the right perspective.

But, there it is. Covid originated in the Wuhan lab. That is now being crystalized. MSM is falling over themselves trying to extricate themselves from their malfeasance of, not only intellectual incuriosity, but of being the standard bearer of the CCP and its minions (W.H.O., Gates, NIH …). Seriously, if you look to MSM for truth on any topic, well, good riddance to you as well. Mark Twain said “it is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.” Consider that introspectively.

Clearly, Fauci is going down. And his sh*thole minion Dr Peter Daszak had better go with him. Gates also is being sacrificed. Good riddance to him as well.

Speaking of Daszak, The Lancet has now been fully discredited, as its investigation into the origin of Covid is being lead by Daszak, who is one of the culprits directly responsible for the Gain of Function research being conducted at the Wuhan lab, and the subsequent coverup. The Deep State/Globalists must believe that “we” are so incredibly stupid as to believe that the criminal responsible for a crime is actually going to investigate themselves. But there it is.

As an aside, this underscores a sad truth — The Deep State/Globalists are so confident, they are brazenly acting out in the open. Sheesh. Lambs to slaughter. Can you recognize a Judas Goat when you see it?

A big unanswered question is whether the leak was deliberate or an error. I think deliberate, but have no evidence. What is clear is that the resulting faux contagion was fully leveraged by the deep state/globalists to destroy the US economy (ie Trump), subjugate global citizens, and initiate a profound personal data collection program — ie a global database of everyone that has been vaccinated, which is why they want EVERYONE vaccinated. Do you think that the next vaccination WON’T involve taking a blood sample i.e. collecting DNA of EVERYBODY on earth (except the globalists). But I digress …

Why Now?? Why did they lie to us for so long??

I think the Deep State has lost control of the narrative, is cutting bait, and trying to do a head fake (e.g. UFOs).

Given that the Covid narrative has spiraled out of control, the deep state is trying to overwhelm with Covid revelations in the hopes of covering up their real agenda — the destruction of Trump, who was impairing their true globalist agenda. This is where Sundance (Conservative Treehouse) is pointing. Covid, whether an error or deliberate, was used to destroy the US economy and take down Trump. As a biproduct, it is being used to totally subjugate the global population.

There, I said it.