It was Only a Matter of Time

NYT: Will electric cars become an environmental catastrophe?

This blog has been beating this drum for a long time. (see below Feb 1 “The Battery Fairy and other Nonesuch Fantasies). In a nutshell, electricity itself is clean energy, but to make it work in a vehicle is where the environmental disaster occurs.

Funny, a day prior to this article appearing, a similar article — “Electric cars and renewable energy may not be as green as they appear” — was published in the NYT as well.

And just the week before, an article appeared — “18% Of EV Drivers In California Switched Back To Gasoline Cars“, which comments on a study from┬áthe University of California, published in Nature Energy. According to the research, 18 percent of drivers surveyed who bought EVs between 2012 and 2018 switched back to gasoline-powered cars, as did 20 percent of plug-in hybrid buyers. The main problem cited by respondents was with charging times. i.e. if you go 300 miles in your EV, recharging takes an hour or more. In a combustion engine vehicle, filling up a tank of gas takes 5 minutes.

Odd, however, that MSM is keying into this message now. And what a strange coincidence that Colonial Pipeline was hacked and their delivery of gas to the Southeast US has been disrupted, deeply affecting Florida, err… Desantis. Hmm, some kind of punishment for Florida and other red states? The Biden administration even said that, had drivers been using EVs, the gas shortage would be a none issue for them.

Oh, and there aren’t enough of the critical minerals available IN THE WORLD to make the transition from fossil fuels to “clean energy”. Here’s a nice summary of the report. For green new deal weenies, this is a hair-on-fire event. EV everywhere is a total s*it show, and yet totally eludes the unseeing eye of MSM.

How long can this ruse go on? Until Elon Musk refuses to take Bitcoin as tender for a Tesla? Oh, wait, that just happened. Man, its hard to keep up.

Wheels within wheels.