William Happer at COP25 in Madrid. Wake up and smell the CO2

William Happer, whom you no doubt have never heard of, is nonetheless worthy of your time. He is well-qualified to speak on climate change. Here is a video of his presentation at COP25 in Madrid.

He minces no words. Climate alarmism is a fraud. He quotes the hapless Democrat Senator Hirono of Hawaii, “Believe in climate change as a religion, it is not a science.” – Nov 12, 2019. True dat.

At the outset, Happer points out that the real boogie man in all this is air pollution. Everyone wants a clean environment. We don’t like breathing brown air. If you can see it, its not CO2, N2O or CH4.

At 10:38, he strikes at the heart of the matter, the crux of climate alarmism — that CO2 increases in the atmosphere are the cause of climate change. Not. He shows a graph of the Planck energy spectrum of a black body (radiation emitted as a function of frequency for various gases). (ref: Max Planck and Karl Schwartzchild.) The chart shows how much radiation (energy) is emitted as a result of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Doubling CO2 in the atmosphere would result in no significant change in the amount of energy transmitted through the atmosphere, and thus no impact on the climate. This is indisputable, verifiable science. It is not religion.

At 16:27, he skewers the inability of models to predict anything related to climate and air temperatures. In addition to always being wrong, they systematically predict higher temperatures than actually end up being recorded. Meteorologists can barely predict weather from day to day. How can climate “scientists” possibly predict climate years or decades out. With such abject predictive failure, it is folly to make policy decisions based on these models. And yet the climate alarmists bray on about restructuring the global economy to battle climate change. After decades long parade of predicted environmental catastrophes and end of times, nothing has come true. And this is somehow going to turn out differently? Err, no.

At 16:47, he shows a chart of paleo-CO2 levels going back 600 million years. Across such a timeline, we are in a CO2 starved environment. Anyone who says that we are in an unprecedented period of high CO2 in the atmosphere is wrong, wrong, wrong. The only thing close to being unprecedented is how low the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are today when placed in a long historical context. The only real effect of more CO2 would be increased greening of the earth. There are no links to CO2 and storms or climate. The most visible impact of more CO2 in the atmosphere is that plants are able to live in drier climates. With even the relatively low increases in CO2 we have experienced, plant yields are going up, agriculture yields are going up. What is wrong with that.

His final key takeaways: scientific truth is determined by experiment and observation, not by voting; experiment and observation contradict alarmism; CO2 is a benefit, not a pollutant. Costly CO2 mitigation schemes are not only not helpful, they are harmful to the world.

This video is well worth 30 minutes of your time. If you are a climate skeptic, this will reinforce your position. If you are on the fence, this will convince you that climate alarmism is a sham with political and financial agendas. If you are a climate alarmist, perhaps you will open your eyes to the truth and stop being manipulated. If you are a climate alarmist with your head hopelessly stuck up your a$$, I hope the CH4 (methane) kills you.