This blog is written and maintained by Terry Atkinson.  The content largely relates to current affairs, with a focus on global political and economic issues.  Having said that, I also comment on art, media and technology as the muse hits me.

The name of my blog, The Engima Chronicle, derives from the enigma machine, that VERY clever cipher machine developed and used by the Germans in WWII.  The Enigma Machine has a controversial past, in that the British are reputed to have captured one and provided Winston Churchill with advance warning of bombings of England.  He did not act due to fear that the Germans would realize Enigma had been compromised.  Probably an heroic action that sacrificed some lives to save many.

Perhaps this helps to drive my muse to uncover what is hidden and to mistrust the official narrative on geopolitical and economic issues.  Churchill had noble reasons for his decision.  The same cannot be said of the duplicity we are fed by those in positions of authority.  We live in perilous times, where truth is rare commodity.  As Chico Marx said, “Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?”

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