Unplugged and Naked

I just completed a fairly large recording project. While I have recorded full studio productions of my original material, I had been meaning to record a sparse arrangement and performance which would allow the songs to stand on their own — unplugged and naked, you might say.  To that end, I recorded number of songs live with only guitar for accompaniment.

It was more difficult than I anticipated.  Recording is not always easy to get the result you are looking for.  In this case, any execution flaw or phrasing that isn’t quite right really sticks out.  You would think anyone could do something perfectly for three minutes.  Not so easy.  But I did manage to get through it, and have posted the videos on my website, www.xybor.ca.

To get started, here is an embedded link to “My Favorite Addiction” from my YouTube channel.  The song about being human, and our inclination towards dependency, be it drugs, food, social media, gaming, oil, bling, etc. Good or bad, that just seems to be the way we are drawn:

[youtube iHokJZYG6LE 480 297]

Check it out.  Its time well wasted.