Time to Panic?

If you can keep a calm head in these times, perhaps you just don’t understand the situation.

Yield rates on 10y bonds have been really wacky.  As have currency rates.  Big movements.  Lots of concern about liquidity in bond markets.

Did something finally give?  Did a derivatives bomb explode? Did it take out Deutsch Bank?

As an add-on, Golem XIV offers an interesting read — “Trapped in a Bubble”.  There is no price discovery in financial markets.  The market goes up and up, regardless of the underlying fundamentals of any company.  It is a ponzi kept alive without new entrants, with new money being pumped in by the Central Banks, ie back-stopped by the clueless 99.9% via endless QE and back door subsidies like ZIRP.

There’s no way out of here. When you come in, you’re in for good.” — David Gilmore

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