Double Helix: the Dragon and the Bear

The double helix of the Dragon and the Bear or here.  From Vineyard of the Saker.  More to come on this topic.

$9 trillion US$ carry-trade blew up oil
– Institutionalized TBTF. Ellen Brown-5 Big Banks will Survive Next Financial Calamity-Everybody Else Bankrupt.
Dmitry Orlov summarizes the current geopolitical situation. Basically, Anglo-imperialists, i.e. the combination of Britain and the US, are being tossed out of Eurasia, ergo all the turmoil. Most of the major Eurasian players — China, Russia, India, Iran, much of Central Asia — are cementing their ties around the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), to which the US isn’t even admitted as an observer. It will be an interesting 2015.
While the U.S. remains embroiled in endless wars, the world is defecting to the East
Peculiarities of Russian national character.  More insight from Dmitry Orlov

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