WikiLeaks not so damaging after all

U.S. government officials are now acknowledging that WikiLeaks has not been as damaging as they were originally saying, if at all.

A congressional official briefed by the State Dept. said the administration felt compelled to say publicly that the revelations had seriously damaged American interests in order to bolster legal efforts to shut down the WikiLeaks website and bring charges against the leakers.  “I think they just want to present the toughest front they can muster,” the official said.

State Department officials have told Congress they expect overall damage to U.S. foreign policy to be containable, and that the impact of WikiLeaks revelations was embarrassing but not damaging.

Hmm.  Kind of what we suspected.  I think for the most part, the State Dept leaks have shown diplomats have been doing a good job at putting context around people and events.  They present a view that is largely consistent with what we read in the headlines and elsewhere.  It shows the world to be a minefield of duplicity, egos, corruption and manipulation.  Very Orwellian, in fact.  Who are your friends today? So what else is new.

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