MSFT Phone 7 Phantom

Users of phones running MSFT Phone 7 have been complaining of mysterious data use showing up on their monthly bills.  Some owners were seeing 30-50mb of data being sent by the phone each day at predictable intervals.

MSFT has laid the finger on an unnamed third-party and is working to correct the issue.   It is not known what the messages were, whether personal information was being transmitted or whether the messages were deliberate.

In cases where other phones were sending out clandestine messages, an app developer, usually a game, was pinging the developer with personal info on the phone’s owner.  Same with the games on the social networks, with Facebook being the highest profile network implicated in this type of activity and their pal Zynga being the chief culprit with its Barnyard game.

You can never know who is watching you.  But these days, it seems you can count on someone collecting your bits and bytes.

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