MySpace phone home

blah blah blah.  More of the same. MySpace is providing partners with private information on its users for marketing and profiling purposes.

Umm.  Is there a trend here?  Social media company trying to leverage its only asset (i.e. user info) to generate revenue.  No other assets or value than the date users provide about themselves.

How much longer will this play out?  Social media as a free application seems to be pretty hot, ‘cept for the troubling bit about “monetizing” personal information, which kinda throws cold water on the whole sit’ation.   Social media as a paid for service is stone cold (‘ceptin’ there ain’t no way to test this hypothesis unless a socialMediadotcome is willin’ ta test it, but we’ll make a leap here).

It all comes down to how willingly people are to provide profiling info about themselves in return for the convenience of the services a social media platform provides.  Hmm. You’ll need to do our own math here:  cool social media = compete violation of privacy.

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